Chong’s Choice Hemp Pre-rolled CBD Hemp Flower Joints (5 Pack)

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Chong’s Choice Hemp Pre-rolled CBD Hemp Flower Joints

CBD smoke-ables can come in various beautiful forms but a particular variety remains spectacular. This is Chong’s choice hemp pre-rolled CBD hemp flower joints. As the name of Chong’s choice suggests, the pre-roll is indeed a great choice. The pre-rolled CBD hemp is a stream of health permeating the tracts. The product might as well be another name for “good feelings”. The paper rolls are from established and high-quality natural growers. Choice hemp pre-rolled CBD hemp flower joints packaged in airtight tube delivers freshness in a lightweight package of 3.75kg. These amazing pre-roll comes in three different strains namely

    • Indica ( heavenly mountain and G funk)
    • Sativa (Goji OG)
    • Hybrid (Kandy Kush)


  • Indica Strain


The type of Indica strain present in this pre-roll is a rare one. It has a bit of sativa strain but it dominantly has Indica strain. It is 80% Indica and 20% sativa. It can as well be referred to as a hybrid strain. It is a cross of the Goji OG and Appalachia. The heaven mountains drive the mind towards happiness at all cost. It extremely relaxes the body and it has a prolonged effect. The same source asserts that it has the medical benefits of being able to treat conditions such as depression, nausea, chronic stress and the likes. This pre-roll with heaven Indica strain present in it is capable of uplifting and also changing the reality of your mood.


  • Sativa (Goji OG)


This as opposed to the heavenly mountain is a sativa dominant strain. It is similarly a hybrid and it is bred also by the Bodhi seeds crossed with Nepali OG and snow Lotus. It has 80% sativa and 20% Indica.  The aroma of this strain is inviting and a delight to the sense of smell. This strain is for the extreme demands of attaining extra mundane heights while smoking. It’s high in THC level and CBD having a content of 22% and 0.5% each respectively. This accounts for this super high effect it gives. it can be used to treat medical conditions like Alzheimer, depression, Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain, anorexia, cancer and a host of other diseases. This world-class strain is present in a particular variety of this pre-roll to give its many benefits.


  • Hybrid (Kandy Kush)


Kandy Kush is a strand present in this pre-roll. It has an excellent lemon flavor stimulating the nostrils. It produces dopamine which unfolds feelings of greatness. Kandy Kush hybrid does a lot good in treating a number of conditions including eating disorders, anxiety, mood disorders and relieving pains. It is Indica dominant and it is also useful in easing symptoms of Crohn’s disease.


  • Indica (G funk)


This is a product of the crossing of the granddaddy purple with grape funk. It has varying effects according to how it’s taken.  When its dosage is on the high side, it unleashes a funky adrenalin drive and when taken moderately, it causes feelings of greatness. It derives its name from a previous hip-hop artist.

Benefits of Chong’s Choice Hemp Pre-rolled CBD Hemp Flower Joints

  • A source expressly asserts that “CBD works with the endocannabinoid system; it’s a regulation tool that will bring the body back to homeostasis. It will help with sleeping, anxiety, and bringing you back to a calm state…which is why people turn to cigarettes in the first place, they’re looking for an outlet for their stress.” It has the potentials for inhibiting the craving for heroin and it also helps to stall the effects of cancer by fighting tumor cells.
  • CBD also functions to enhance libido in men and women. A certain dose can increase libido in both men and women. It can also function as a very effective aphrodisiac; increasing pleasure and decreasing pain. It also functions to decrease people level of anxiety.
  • CBD is capable of reducing inflammation. It does this by inhibiting the development of neutrophil.

Choice Hemp Pre-rolled CBD Hemp Flower Joints is a douse of heaven in your tracts and its flavor greatly stimulates health beyond imagination. Feelings of happiness, relaxation and other medical conditions are being eased with the amazing effects of Choice Hemp Pre-rolled CBD Hemp Flower Joints. Its every component is laced with goodness and it is impossible to capture the full length of research and claims of its advantages. Choice Hemp Pre-rolled CBD Hemp Flower Joints is a sure escape out of gloom and one of the most certain ways of running through the day with enough energetic feelings.

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  1. sooo good!

    A little pricey but oh so Smoking one of these things puts me on my back – in a good way! All pain = gone. Zilcho.

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