Organic High CBD Hemp Flower Buds

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Organic High CBD hemp oil flower buds are a douse of grace unleashing a healthy and vibrant spark to the body. It assimilates into the body system to activate feelings of good health and healthy glowing skin.  CBD redefines the functioning of the various systems and puts them in their optimum state. The heart is at ease with the potency of CBD. Eczema, acne and other skin infections are also effectively tackled down to extinction.

This package of goodness is articulated in a smell proof jar, containing 7 grams of smokable hemp flower buds in an airtight jar. The CBD contains two strains of CBD which are Electra and special sauce.

Hemp is often confused with marijuana, however, an important difference between the two is that industrial hemp contains less than .3% and under of Delta 9 THC, and is non-psychoactive.

Our two strains of high CBD Hemp Flower Buds are Electra and Special Sauce.

cbd hemp flower bud

cbd hemp flower bud


This is a rich energy blend that comes in its most pristine form supplying nutrients that help to give the body sufficient energy to go about daily activities. Elektra is a crossbreed between ACDC strain and ERB containing 15.4% CBD and less than 0.3% THC.


  • ACDC


ACDC is a Sativa dominant strain that has embedded in it 19% CBD and a THC: CBD ratio of 1:20. It is highly suitable for relieving stress and pain and that accounts for its use in breeding many high content CBD strains. ACDC does not produce a psychoactive high at all. Instead, it provides feelings of alertness, focus and serene mental clarity”

Special Sauce

The special sauce is strong CBD strain having a solid cannabinoid base. It is flavoursome and leaves an appealing sensation on the tongue. Its citrus berry aroma makes perceiving it a delight.  It’s got a CBD + CBDa total of 18.8%, a THC level 0.3%, and 21.88% total cannabinoids.

The hemp present in CBD should never be mistaken for cannabis or marijuana. The combination of natural products that make up the product is carefully selected in the right quantity to suit and give the most effective result in the body.

CBD functions more than just for the heart and the skin, its fusion of very rich constituents adds up and collectively synergizes to give its amazing effect. It refreshes and inspires wholeness in a diverse fashion. The effect is obvious after a less than prolonged usage.

Benefits of High CBD Hemp Oil Flower Buds

The benefits of Organic high CBD hemp oil flower buds lie greatly in its potent CBD base. It has been proven to be very effective in promoting good health. It helps to inspire wholeness in the heart, it causes pain relief, aids the treatment of anxiety and makes post-chemotherapy less disturbing. Among these numerous benefits, there are few well explicated.


  • Weight


A lot of suggestions and facts have been discovered about the potency of CBD for weight loss. Obesity is a global problem affecting people and putting a strain on the quality of their lives. THC activates the CB1 receptors in the body, causing many effects, including stimulating the appetite. It is also believed that CBD does not deactivate CB1 receptors but may influence other molecules to block them off. Shutting off these receptors may help reduce the appetite and prevent overeating in some people. The obvious consequence of this prevention of overeating is definitely weight loss.

Still, along the lines of weight, there have been several claims that the compound can help a person lose weight. Though, cannabis is often perceived as appetite stimulating, making us feel hungrier than we normally should. Recent researches have proven otherwise in an animal study carried out in 2012. The research carried out on male rats showed that “cannabidiol significantly reduced total chow consumption over the test period.

A whole lot of revealing studies have definitely been ever present on the subject matter of cannabidiol. They are known to help deal with fat whose excess in the body may have undesirable consequences such as heart diseases and so many more ailments. Researchers worldwide acclaim that CBD is a promising tool for tackling obesity and preventing it in humans. All these amazing benefits are all replete in the organic high hemp flower buds.


  • Heart


CBD remains an excellent addition to set the heart functioning right.  Recent findings have backed up this claim. A study once conducted which involved 10 men revealed that it has the ability to reduce blood pressure even more than a placebo. The 10 men were given 600 mg of CBD oil and the effect was a reduced resting blood pressure. According to the same publication by the American society for clinical investigation, the 10 men used for the experiment were made to go through blood pressure increasing activities. The dose of CBD they took made them experience less increase in blood pressure compared to what should ordinarily have been an ideal response for the tests in terms of blood pressure increase.


  • Anxiety


The history of cannabis as an aid to anxiety dates back to 1500 ancient India. Medical conditions like Alzheimer, chronic pain, post-traumatic stress and a host of others have been a topic of research by so many health professional bodies. CBD is known to prevent the buildup of artery plaque. These qualities are not absent in the organic high hemp flower buds

Numerous researches on animals and human prove the presence of anti-anxiety human body qualities and its potency in reducing anxiety. A research carried out on animals and human volunteers published on,the result was the discovery of the anxiolytic-like effect of CBD. It tended to reduce anxiety in patients tested.


  • Skin


Organic high hemp flower buds with its CBD leave the skin radiant and shiny while inhibiting acne, eczema, and abnormal cell death. It also regulates the production of oil on the skin which gives a balanced; not too oily, not to dry effect to the skin. It has a very vast use in this sense and the skin conditions it helps to treat might not even have been fully discovered. Acne, eczema, redness and the likes are only but a few to mention

Wholeness in the body is essential to the quality of life. Organic high CBD hemp oil flower buds raise the quality of life several folds with its extremely rich constituents, ensuring optimum physical appearance with the skin redefining qualities. Organic high CBD hemp oil is for health within and without. With the astonishing effect of organic high hemp oil flower, true soundness of health is brought into a reality.


DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended for persons under the age of 21. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Keep away from children. Consult your physician before using if you have any medical condition. Store away from heat, light and humidity. Do not operate heavy machinery after use. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease

All products are tested for purity to ensure no trace amounts of toxins, such as heavy metals content ([AOAC 2013.06] Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury) and microbial safety (Aerobic Plate Count [AOAC 990.12], Yeast and Mold [AOAC 997.02], Coniforms and E Coli [AOAC 991.4], Salmonella [AOAC-RI 050701]).


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CBD Hemp Buds

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    omg these CBD buds are fire! will be back for more soon 😉

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    The real deal, so hard to find and these guys came through. Thanks Big Brain!

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