TKO Silver Haze CBD Hemp Flower Buds (7 Grams)

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TKO Silver Haze CBD Hemp Flower Buds (7 Grams)

This industrial hemp flower combines good taste, rich vitamins, minerals, aromatic molecules, and terpenes. It comes in the rich hybrid silver haze CBD strain and contains minute details of THC that does not exceed the legalized limit of 0.3%. The industrial hemp flower, when consumed at different levels and quantity, has varying effects on the body. TKO silver Haze CBD Hemp Flower Buds is a total delight to the body, inspiring wholeness in the right places.

TKO silver Haze CBD Hemp Flower Buds derives some of its amazing taste, general feel, and benefits from its hybrid silver haze strain which happens to be one of its major constituents.


  • Hybrid Silver Haze Strain


This is a Sativa dominant hybrid. It has 90% Sativa and 10% Indica. The silver haze has an aroma and taste of pungent earth with a slight feel of sweet pine when tasted. Speaking of flavor, it can also give a feel of citrus. The hybrid silver strain is definitely a delight to the sense of smell.  It is good for treating chronic stress, depression, and similar diseases. It is also known to help get out of anxiety and helping in the treatment of ADD & ADHD. Hybrid Sativa strain gives rise to cerebral ecstasy and greatly improves the mood.

Benefits of TKO Silver Haze CBD Hemp Flower Buds (7 Grams)

As usual, the benefits of the hemp flower derive from its inherent constituents. One of these major constituents is the hybrid silver haze strain. The silver haze gives the body a prolonged high to keep the mind and body well stimulated and sharpens reflex. It also digs up the pathway to creativity and productive Introspection. CBD generally happens to be the secret of some of the mind-blowing artistic expression the world marvels at today.

The CBD hemp not only helps with the nervous system, but it also functions as an easing agent to neuropathic pain. Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue which are known to greatly reduce the quality of life are tied to this neuropathic pain. General symptoms of chronic fatigue are

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Immune system problems ‘bacterial and viral infections
  • emotional trauma
  • dizziness
  • insomnia
  • headache
  • pain

All these conditions have the tendency to vanish with the introduction of the silver haze CBD hemp into the body. The silver haze component inhibits these symptoms and has the tendency of sending them into extinction.

Silver haze also functions for metabolism and balanced insulin production in the body. A study conducted by the American Journal of Medicine revealed that Americans who had a habit of using marijuana at least 3-5 times a week have 16 percent lower fasting insulin in their bodies. The study was conducted among 4,657 adults and only 579 who reported using a regular dosage of marijuana had this body insulin state. Other sources also attest to this fact. The fact that CBD also inspires energy makes it suitable for weight loss. it can make you tarry longer during work out aimed at the reduction of weight without experiencing hasty fatigue.

Overeating has been suggested to be a way of activating the reward part of the brain. CBD hemp fans have a different way of activating this part of the brain which causes them to indulge less in weight gaining eating pattern.

TKO Silver Haze CBD Hemp Flower Buds (7 Grams) is advantageous to the body beyond skepticism. It is a smart choice for people who have tapped into the world of amazing benefits inherent in CBD; it is available in its extremely rich CBD strain version and gives a particular kind of high you would definitely love.

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2 reviews for TKO Silver Haze CBD Hemp Flower Buds (7 Grams)

  1. Peter F

    I had tried this once a few months back and loved it. Just one little bit took away all of my pain and stiffness in joints. it was driving me crazy because I couldn’t quite remember the name of it or find it in any local CBD shops. So kudos to you Big Brain CBD for selling it!

  2. Mars

    tasty, fragrant and a pain killer of epic proportions! mmmmmm

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